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Digital Impression Technology

Digital Impression Technology

William L. Ingram, DMD has just added new technology that will revolutionize the process of creating a digital impression.

The CS 3700 intraoral scanner is a small, handheld device that allows our team to create a virtual replica of the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. High-definition, full-color 2D and 3D images can be created in a manner of minutes. These 3D models will make it easier for you to understand the direction and goals of your treatment plan.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

A More Comfortable Experience
Gone are the trays of silicone putty—or “goop”—that many patients found so unpleasant. The CS 3700 is a small handheld device that quickly scans your mouth, without the need for distasteful materials. In fact, 93% of patients report a positive experience when an intraoral scanner is used to capture an impression.*

Less Time in the Chair
The CS 3700 is remarkably fast and can scan your entire mouth in minutes. This means less time capturing your impression and more time for you to go about your day.

Improved Image Quality
The intraoral scanner captures high-definition images and allows us to confirm that all details of the digital impression are captured before you leave the chair. This, in turn, improves your final outcome and results in better-fitting restorations.

Improved Aesthetics
When you need a restoration, like a crown, the CS 3700 helps ensure that the color of the crown perfectly matches your existing teeth—thanks to the scanner’s patented, smart-shade matching technology.

Better for the Environment
Digital impressions eliminate the need for impression materials and plastic trays, which means less waste for landfills.

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